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How You Can Show Compassion

What the world needs now is…




That’s right! Compassion. 


And nothing says compassion like reducing someone’s anxiety and stress. On average 30% of persons in your community are uninsured or underinsured. Now that is a lot of stress! Or a mind-blowing opportunity to shower them with compassion.


Love Heals Free Clinic provides unconditional access to free dental, medical and vision care and we need you to expand our ministry of compassion. 


How can you be an agent of compassion? You can schedule a clinic for your community. Or you can put your skills, talents, and abilities to work and volunteer at a Love Heals Free Clinic near you. Take a moment to watch the impact of the compassionate service of our volunteers in Walla Walla, WA.

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How does Love Heals Free Clinics pull this off?

We partner with established community organizations to help provide free medical care to local communities. In the video above Love Heals, Free Clinics partnered with the ASI Northwest Chapter and Walla Walla University to bring hope to the Walla Walla Valley. Our clinics have helped 8,323 patients receive free medical care since their launch in 2017. Seven communities have partnered with us in 2020 to bring compassion, hope, and care to hurting people. We still have eight openings in our 2020 calendar.  Sign up now to secure this incredible opportunity for your community. Patients appreciate our work:

"Great services couldn't get glasses without this clinic."

- Christy 

How can you help Love Heals spread compassion?


Here are four foolproof ways you can show compassion to your community:  You can volunteer to help with the following:

  1. Dental teams provide dental cleanings, extractions, & fillings.  

  2. Medical teams offer diabetes & blood pressure screenings, chiropractic care, minor treatment, and more. 

  3. Vision teams provide eye exams along with free prescription glasses. 

  4. General teams help support the clinic in various rolls from security, food service, greeters, and more. 

We guarantee that compassionate service has the power to change your life.

"If the free clinic thinks they are just changing the lives of patients you are mistaken, you are also changing the lives of your volunteers too!"

Kori/ RN Boise Free Clinic


If you can give 4 hours of your time, you can provide hope.

Love Heals Free Clinics runs over two 8-hour days in a community. There are a limited number of volunteer options, and we encourage volunteers to sign up as soon as they can to help in their desired area. You can volunteer as much or as little time as you would like.  Typically volunteers serve in 4-hour shifts, but you can stay longer or shorter depending on your schedule. Love Heals Free Clinic is grateful for our volunteers, and you make the clinic a success.


Sign Up Now To Volunteer

You are invited to volunteer with Love Heals Free Clinics to provide hope and healing to your community. Sign up on the right to learn how you can bring compassion to your city. Love Heals Free Clinic will notify you when volunteer registration is open in your area. 

Help us make compassion real! Volunteer with Love Heals Free Clinic in 2020. Without these temporary clinics and your help, patients might not get the quality of life they deserve.